The Benefits Of Hot Springs Bathing

What Is Hot Springs Bathing?

Hot springs bathing has a long history. For thousands of years places with natural mineral springs have become the focus of spa culture leading to the development of popular spa resorts and towns across Europe and Asia.

People are attracted to these locations to relax, socialise and seek healing for common ailments by submerging their body in the hot mineral waters. Bathing can be public (with men and women bathing together or separately) or private, depending on cultural traditions and purpose.

Cultural Traditions

Particular traditions and rituals have developed around hot springs bathing in different cultures. Ancient Rome is famous for the development of an elaborate bathing culture, dating to around 300 BC. People of all classes came together to bathe, socialise, court and do business. Bathhouses varied in their size and structure, with many containing baths with waters of varying temperatures and places to cool down in between bathing.  As the Empire spread, the culture of bathing also spread to parts of Europe and North Africa.

Mineral springs bathing or ‘balneotherapy’ in Europe has a very long history and is still an accepted medical treatment for some common ailments.

In Japan, hot springs bathing is associated with ritual cleansing and relaxation, and in traditional medicine was used as a form of healing for the stagnation of chi energy in the body.

Japanese hot springs (onsen) are still popular with Japanese people today, as well as tourists, who want to experience this quintessentially Japanese style of bathing. Many onsen are located in very beautiful, remote locations and are a great way to experience Japanese culture.

In Australia, spa resorts flourished in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century as places for healing, relaxation and fun.

Hot Springs Bathing Today

Today, all over the world people continue to enjoy hot springs bathing the same way they always have – for relaxation, socialising and healing. Soaking in hot mineral water is an effective way to relieve the stresses of modern living, to relax, and to connect with friends or a romantic partner on a special occasion.

Hot mineral bathing in Roman bathhouse at Japanese Mountain Retreat
Hot mineral bathing in Roman bathhouse at Japanese Mountain Retreat


What’s In The Water?

Mineral springs can be hot or cool. Geothermal mineral springs are hot, while cool water mineral springs are heated to a temperature ideal for bathing. All mineral water has a varying mineral composition, depending on the make-up of the rocks and ground in which the water flows.

The Benefits Of Hot Bathing

The healing properties of mineral water for bathing and for drinking have been experienced first-hand by people for thousands of years. Mineral water bathing has also been the subject of research and in many cultures is used for the treatment of a range of conditions.

Centuries of bathing enjoyment and benefit is supported by research showing real physical benefits for the body, including increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure, burning calories, improving blood sugar metabolism and cardiovascular health.

Aside from specific physiological benefits, bathing has psychological and social benefits. Bathing in hot mineral water outdoors surrounded by nature, or within a beautiful indoor pool in luxury surroundings, allows for complete relaxation, soothes sore muscles and is an opportunity to connect with others.

Japanese & Roman Bathing In Melbourne

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Outdoor bathers  enjoy heated mineral waters in a completely enclosed Japanese setting and can bathe with or without clothes. Roman bathing is under high ceilings in mineral waters heated to 38 degrees.

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