Heating Up Your Romance With A Couples Romantic Escape

Whether you’ve just met or you’re a long term couple, romance is essential to keeping a relationship fresh. There are lots of ways that couples can consciously cultivate intimacy and long lasting romance. A romantic escape and just spending quality time together is almost always on the list of things to do.

A Romantic Escape Is Just Around The Corner

Having the time to escape for a week or affording a romantic overseas trip may be out of reach for many, but a romantic escape doesn’t need to be in a far off location, or even for ten days. A romantic getaway for one or two nights can be just as good for keeping the romantic fires burning or rekindling connection.

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Victoria that are an easy one or two hour drive away. There’s no need to travel long distances or fork out for expensive air travel. The less time you spend getting there, the more time you have for relaxing and enjoying fun activities together.

If a night away is out of the question, think about a day of relaxation. Spend time doing something really special together, or visiting a place you’ve never been.

romantic getaway - couples spending time

Romance In Little Things

Romance is about emotional connection, spending time together, and creating memories. Don’t get carried away with the idea that your romantic escape has to be really expensive or some type of Hollywood production. Keeping the spark of romance alive between couples is more about small things. Here’s 5 easy things you can do:

1. Touch – Touch is important for intimacy, connection and romance. Take the time to hold hands and be physically close and connected with your partner on a romantic date. Choose activities that allow you to relax and put you in the mood for really communicating.

2. Relax and Talk About The Little Things – Connection doesn’t always have to be deep and meaningful. In fact, psychologists have observed that connection between couples occurs when paying attention to everyday conversation and interests. Spending time over dinner or relaxing with a glass of wine will encourage getting to know your partner.

3. Self Care – Paying attention to personal grooming, clothes, hair and general body health and fitness is also an important part of keeping romance and attraction alive between couples. Try scheduling some self care that you can share, during your romantic escape.

4. Surprises –  When it comes to romance, surprising your partner with a gift or letter tucked into a bag or pocket, is a sure fire way to turn on the romance. Surprises show you’ve been thinking of your partner and that you pay attention to their desires.

A Surprise Romantic Escape

Psychologists have found that sharing an exciting activity encourages intimacy and bonding. Research found that when couples viewed action movies, they were more likely to be touchy feely and affectionate after watching, in comparison to couples that viewed a documentary.

While planning a romantic weekend getaway together is fun, there’s nothing quite like surprising your partner with a romantic activity you have planned and booked in advance. To inject some romance, whisk your partner away for a day together at a luxury day spa, or on the spur of the moment announce you’re heading out of town for the night.

Romantic Escapes in Melbourne, Victoria

Despite the sexy associations of white beaches and balmy nights under the stars, colder climates are equally romantic. Cooler weather brings opportunities for cuddling up for warmth by a fire and the romance of steamy hot water bathing with a glass of champagne.

There are lots of opportunities for romantic escapes in Victoria and close to Melbourne. If you want to get out of town, the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley are the perfect place to head – only an hours drive from the centre of Melbourne. There are great wineries and restaurants to discover, as well as beautiful gardens and national parks to explore. The area is also known for its luxury spa retreats, where couples can enjoy a range of body pampering and massage.

Romantic Escape At Japanese Mountain Retreat

Japanese Mountain Retreat is one of Victoria’s premiere romantic getaways designed for couples. It is also the only couples day spa resort in Victoria to provide completely private hot mineral springs bathing outdoors in naturally landscaped pools.

Couples can spend a day and choose outdoor or indoor bathing in complete privacy, as well as choosing from a range of luxury day spa treatments and massage. For the ultimate sensual and romantic couples experience, couples can get connected with an Arabian Steam Temple Journey.

For those wanting to experience a longer stay, this beautiful five acre resort at the foot of the Dandenong Ranges, has a range of one night and two night accommodation packages. Each package includes hot mineral springs bathing, romantic treats in your 5 star accommodation, drinks on arrival, dinner and a range of body treatments for couples to share.