Traditional Japanese Gardens & Unique Accommodation in Victoria

Traditional Japanese Gardens & Unique Accommodation in Victoria Japanese gardens are an art form recognised all over the world. Typically very formal and stylised, Japanese gardens are designed by their creators to be enjoyed, inspire self-reflection and bring respite from busy city lives.

Romantic Dandenong Ranges Attractions In Autumn

Romantic Dandenong Ranges Attractions In Autumn The darker mornings, cooler temperatures and changing trees can only mean one thing – Autumn is here. And while it’s hard to say goodbye to those long, hot summer days, there is no doubt that the milder season brings new opportunities for fun and adventure.

Great Hot Springs Packages In Melbourne

Many people don’t know that the best hot springs packages in Melbourne are right on their doorstep. Forget about travelling a long way. Read on and discover a romantic secret you won’t be able to wait to share with your partner.

Traditional Japanese Accommodation in Dandenong Ranges

Unique Dandenong Ranges Accommodation – Traditional Japanese Ryokans One of the highlights of visiting Japan is staying in traditional accommodation or a ‘ryokan’. These Japanese-style inns offer a unique and relaxing stay and are often the main highlight of an itinerary since they are so different to Western hotels. Amazingly, this unique and magical accommodation […]

The Ancient Tradition of Japanese Hot Springs

Soaking in hot springs, a water bath or onsen is an integral part of the Japanese culture and is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. From outdoor natural pools set in jaw droppingly beautiful locations, to timber tubs and indoor baths, the range of onsens in Japan is quite incredible.

The Best Spa Packages In Melbourne

Enjoying some long overdue pampering with a luxury spa package is perfect at any time of year. Lie back in outdoor hot mineral springs and soak up a beautiful view in absolute bliss.

New Years Eve Getaway

Planning Your New Years Eve Getaway There are a lot of expectations for ringing in the New Year in a big way. But not everyone’s idea of how to celebrate is the same. While many head into town for the annual celebrations, others are escaping in the opposite direction, seeking a New Years Eve getaway. […]

Day Spa Yarra Valley – For The Ultimate Indulgence

Yarra Valley Dreaming Some occasions call for absolute indulgence. You know the ones – your partner’s birthday or a special anniversary. If you’re going to pamper yourself, you want to know your money is well spent when you visit a day spa in the Yarra Valley or Dandenong Ranges.

Healing From Modern Life With Day Spa Packages

Why Go To A Dayspa? The pressures of modern life – long hours of work, eating on the run, and increasingly busy schedules, means that today people suffer a range of lifestyle related stresses that can have an impact on body and mind. It’s little wonder that day spa packages are an increasingly popular way to […]

Getting A Couples Massage On Your Romantic Weekend

Couples Massage For Romance At the end of a work week it’s common to find it difficult to throw off stress and tension. Feeling stressed out can lead to tension and tight muscles in your body, and may leave you feeling lethargic and a little worse for wear.